New!! AOP-helpFinder 2.0

The new version proposes a new module to identify event-event linkage, and to prioritize them by a classification system, supporting the weight of evidence. For easier interpretation of the results, new visualization options are also available.

AOP-helpFinder is a web server for identification and extraction of associations between prototypical stressor - event and event - event associations at various level of the biological organization (molecular initiating event (MIE), key event (KE), and adverse outcome (AO)).

AOP-helpFinder is a hybrid tool, combining text mining and graph theory. Currently, AOP-helpFinder screens all the >34 millions of abstracts available from the PubMed database, to decipher co-mentioned terms (e.g. a stressor and a MIE).

AOP-helpFinder is easy to use.

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